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Dr. David’s Other Practices

Turn your PASSION into a PAYCHECK

Dr. David’s Other Practices


Turn your IDEA into an INCOME

Business Creation, Incubation & Activation Services

Ready to make your new small business a success?

Business Creation, Incubation & Activation Services

Ready to make your new small business a success?

The Atlanta Small Business Incubator offers the Following Services


New Small Business Creation

Going from an idea to a New Small Business

Create a Small Business Based upon an Idea

Create a Small Business Based upon your hobbies or interests

Create a Small Business Based upon your current skill sets

Create a Small Business Based upon your existing career

Create a Small Business Based upon your talent or artistic pursuits

Create a Small Business Based upon another Small Business


New Small Business Growth & Development

Taking your Business to the Next Level

Grow Your Business in a Different Direction

Change the Focus of Your Business

Develop New Services for Your Business

Develop New Products for Your Business

Grow Your Business at a Faster Rate

Develop Your Business in Ways that Reflect Marketplace Changes


Small Business Marketing

Activities to Get your New Business on the Map

Develop a True Marketing Plan For Your Business

Expand Your Current Marketing Plans & Strategies

Create Additional Audiences for Your Goods & Services

Lower Your Marketing Costs

Expand the Reach of Your Marketing Efforts

Cross Market Your Brand, Products & Services to Increase Revenues


Small Business Advertising

Helping Your Business Get It’s Name Out There

Brand Creation, Design & Management

Local Advertising Activities

National Brand Advertising Activities

Online Brand Management Activities

Print Advertising Activities

Social Media Advertising Activities


Small Business Management

Expertise on Managing your Revenues and Expenses

Management of Day to Day Business Activities

Management of Documents and Intellectual Property

Management of Customer Database Activities

Management of Business Relationships

Management of Revenues & Expenses

Management of Financial Activities (Taxes, etc.)


Small Business Administration

Tools & Resources to Control your Business’ Trajectory

Administration of Revenues & Income

Administration of Payments & Expenses

Administration of Employees, Contractors & Consultants

Administration of Daily Business Activities

Administration of Business Documents & Files

Administration of Business Processes & Relationships

Ready to Start Your New Business?

Why You Need The Atlanta Small Business Incubator

I created and opened the Atlanta Small Business Incubator [ASBI] because I realized that many of my holistic mental health, self-improvement and dietary and weight loss clients were asking for my assistance to start their own small business, open a consulting firm, start a business that they could work on during the weekends, or to grow and/or expand a small business that they had already created. Because of the current unstable and quickly changing economic state and workplace status, it is becoming increasingly difficult to simply have a single employer or a single revenue source. In today’s workplace economy, currently called “The Great Resignation”, American employees are departing the workplace in droves ​(10s of millions in the last few months) ​because their jobs are becoming more complicated and more demanding, their personal expenses are going up because of inflation, and their wages and benefits aren’t increasing. And, workers have had it. Lots of workers don’t like how their workplace operates or how their bosses and supervisors treat them. They don’t appreciate the ways that other employees are favored or promoted over them unfairly. And, many workers quite simply don’t enjoy what they are (or were) doing anyway… And then there’s the COVID19 Pandemic and all that it brings with it.

According to NPR, 4.3 million Americans, or 2.9% of the entire US workforce, quit their jobs in August of 2021. That was a record-breaking month, piggybacking on previous record months. “The Great Resignation” has led tens of millions of working Americans to quit their jobs and search for another position, change career paths or create their own small businesses.

People who have left their jobs already or who are contemplating a change in employment have 2 broad choices:

(1) Continue to work for someone else and make them wealthier or richer

(2) Create your own small business and build generational wealth while working for yourself doing something that you enjoy or even love.

These days, more and more people are taking their labor, talents, skills and abilities back into their own hands and becoming small business owners.

Because of the current economic state, the current workplace state of uncertainty and the ongoing COVID19 Worldwide Pandemic, you have a unique opportunity right now to take back control of your financial circumstances, your earning power and your time and work schedule. Don’t miss out!

However, you also have to be very careful because in the business world simple small business mistakes, errors & miscalculations can cost you thousands of dollars and can lead to your new small business simply becoming a statistic among the many small businesses that fail within the first ​12, ​24 ​or​ 36 months of opening due to strategic mistakes, missed opportunities, poor planning and the lack of a firm business foundation. And, that’s why I’m here.

As an MD with several successful small businesses (i.e., 3 health, holistic mental health and improvement oriented practices, a learning/academic improvement and performance practice, etc.), I decided to help my clients and others to create their own small business while teaching them to avoid the pitfalls, mistakes and financial grenades that lead to the failure of the vast majority of new small businesses within their first 24 to 36 months. You’ll benefit from the mistakes that I made when I opened my 1st small businesses in 2016 and 2019, businesses which are flourishing today after I learned from the marketplace and took specific, strategic steps to align my practices with current trends and market forces.​ And, we’ll set up your small business so that you’re not missing out on thousands of dollars each year, hundreds of potential customers and dozens of opportunities to beat out your competitors!




Ready to get started on your new venture?

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